Victor Skidanenko


Victor is a professional teacher and performer from the South Bay Area.  Fluent in Rockabilly, Country, Swing and Bluegrass guitar styles andhe brings a unique viewpoint on Classic American music to the band.  He has played with bands such as Jenny Lynn & Her Real Gone Daddies and Missfire & The Detonations.  Victor also plays banjo and mandolin professionally and has been nominated for numerous awards while playing with some of the finest Bluegrass bands on the West Coast. 

King Freddy

When he's not wrenching on one of his hotrods you can find him on the thrown behind his Gretsch drum kit. In true Hotrod fashion the workhorse of his pared-down kit is his self built snare using a steel shell from the 1920's and other vintage parts scavenged from various snare drum grave yards. The foot stomping rhythms are a result of his self invented "Delmar shuffle" technique invoking that uptempo-style country beat with gospel, blues, and a little swing mixed in. Like a Flathead V8 he may run a little hot once in a while but always knows when to throw it in low to "bring it on home".


Margaret Green

Margaret brings the honky tonk shuffle of the fiddle and piercing tenors to the band.  If she's not fiddling, she's strumming that big ol' dreadnought guitar.  She is also a professional teacher and performer and has been teaching violin and fiddle since 2003.  She holds mulitple degrees! Margaret was previously the fiddler of the Four Finger String Band, and played violin in the Palo Alto Philharmonic. 




Jerry Logan

Originally from the San Fernando Valley, Jerry Logan now makes his home in La Honda California.  Jerry is a bass player, vocalist, guitarist and song writer.  He performs with his own band Loganville, The Country Classics and others. As well as being a musician, Jerry  is a professional Jewelry maker.


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